Hotel-restaurant Berkel Palace in a nature reserve near Borculo

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Hotel-restaurant in natuurgebied bij Borculo


Berkel Palace, the hotel restaurant, is located on the edge of the green town of Borculo. It is situated on the shore of the Hambroekplas. Here, you can dine while enjoying the sight of a still pond. There are two large platforms from which you can appreciate the serenity for a long summer night. The sunset and these beautiful evenings will remain in your mind for years to come. You are free to use the wifi in the restaurant as well as the hotel.

Pure pleasure in our hotel restaurant in Borculo

We run a family business with a fine kitchen, where artisanal ice cream is still being made. The possibilities are endless for a long stay in the Achterhoek region. Here, you make bike trips on roads where you meet no other traffic. Where else can you find that? Borculo is known for its numerous museums. There are diverse facilities for sports. An indoor swimming pool, for example, a pond where you can swim, a tennis court and an equestrian center. What’s more, you can do numerous water activities on the local pond and the river.

Would you like to dine or reside in a hotel restaurant in a natural area, where you can enjoy the surroundings? Book a room or a table at Berkel Palace in Borculo.

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Activities in the area

  • 'Kegelen’ (Dutch bowling or skittling) per alley

    € 4,-

  • Giant triominos with supervision

    € 40,-

  • Numerous theme party possibilities with support

    On demand

  • Midget golf per person

    € 4,-

  • Ladder golf per person

    € 2,-

  • ‘Klootschieten’ (local ball-throwing game) per person

    € 2,30

  • Canoe trip on the river Berkel

    On demand

  • A boat trip with the local ‘Berkelzomp’

    On demand

  • Trip by covered wagon (max. 35 people) per hour

    € 150,-

  • Scooter rides (including routes) per person

    € 6,-

  • Children’s route (‘Jutten met Jappie’, ages 7-11)

    € 4,95

  • Children’s parties (per child, includes food and drinks)

    € 8,-

  • Numerous packages available, with food and drinks, starting at

    € 25,50